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The cultural association DREAMTIME selects unconventionally through its Facebook page 18 applicants’ profile based on the remote evaluation carried out by a panel previously appointed by DREAMTIME. The selected profiles participate in “Apulia SummerTime 2019”, a 10-days event through the entire Italian Region of Apulia, which starts on 16th August and ends on 26th August 2019.


The selection consists of two stages: (i) during the first stage the applicants are identified based on the number of votes received by category (ii) evaluated by the panel (exclusively composed for the event) that selects the most suitable 18 talents to participate in the event.

2.1 The first selection stage is carried out using the Facebook page and aims to select the most voted applicants by categoriy where foreseen (see Art. 5.2), who go by right to the second stage.

2.2 During the second stage, the panel evaluates the applicants selected during the first stage to identify autonomously and independently 18 talents who participate in the “Apulia SummerTime 2019” event.

2.3 At the first stage, the applicants are voted by users of the aforementioned Facebook page. The most voted applicants go by right to the second stage of the selection, during which the panel appointed by DREAMTIME selects the most talented profiles by category, as follow: 4 musicians, 3 dancers, 3 artists (by way of example but not limited to painters, drawer, cartoonist etc.), 2 writers, 2 bloggers/journalists, 2 photographers and 2 videomaker. The selected profiles participate in and became testimonials of the “Apulia SummerTime 2019” event.


To the selection can access every people, independently by nationality and the residence country, of age between 18 and 31 years old (18th birthday before the subscription date, 31th birthday no later than the subscription date), both male or female, with clean criminal record and with expertise in the category they wish apply for.

With the scope to achieve the purposes of the cultural association DREAMTIME, such as promote social relations among people from different countries and cultures, and civil and cultural development of its own members as well as of the entire community and for making possible interaction, collaboration and culture exchange among people during the event, a good knowledge of English is advised.


The panel is composed by professionals of all categories, who autonomously and independently select 18 participants of the event among the before identified profiles and this is unquestionable.

The notice of the professionals is available on the social pages of the association DREAMTIME, Facebook, Instagram and the website

The members of the panel themselves cover the position of coaches during the 10-days travel.

The coach shall organise, coordinate and control the carrying out of participants’ activities for the caqtegory he/she is appointed for the entire duration of the event.

The activities, also thanks to the collaboration and the expertise of the coach, aim to improve artistic and professional competences of the participants, to develop storytelling capability and to use social network and Internet in a more efficient way.

The selection of the 18 most suitable talents to participate in the “Apulia SummerTime 2019” event by the panel carries out remotely according to the evaluation criteria, used for the identification of the most voted applicants during the first stage by category. The criteria used are as follow:

– talent, abilities, originality and content quality; and

– communication skills.

At the end of the second stage, the following profiles are selected:

– n. 4 musicians, 

– n. 3 dancers,

– n. 3 artists,

– n. 2 writers,

– 2 bloggers/journalists,

– n. 2 photographers,

– n. 2 videomaker.

The members of the association DREAMTIME, including their and judges’ spouses and 1th grade relatives can not participate in the selection.


5.1 The application is free.

It is possible appy the selection by category through the website and following the instructions indicated. 

The categories are 7:



– ART,





To apply, the candidate must fill the format on the website with;

  • Name and Last Name,
  • Age,
  • City,
  • Nationality,
  • Artistic category,
  • Reference link* ,
  • Brief personal description,
  • Email,
  • Photo (to use as profile picture).

– MUSIC & DANCE, provide the link to a your performance video and/or Youtube channel, blog or any other platform.

– ART, provide the link of blogs, social pages or other platforms with as content your creations,

– CREATIVE WRITING & BLOG/JOURNALISM, provide the link to blogs, social pages or other platforms with as content release/articles written by you,

– PHOTOGRAPHY, provide the link of blogs, social pages or other platforms with as content your photos,

– VIDEO, provide the link to your Youtube channel, blog or any other platform with as content videos created by you.

N.B. At application stage the association may ask you a copy of your ID or passport to verify your age.

5.2 The pre-selection of the most suitable applicants’ profiles is based on the number of “Like” generated by the “Profile”. At this stage the promotion of its own profile by the applicant is essential.

The association verifies the truthfulness and legitimacy of the votes, and in case these conditions are not met bans the applicant upon noticing the same of the event occurred.

Vote more than one applicant is possible even if they belong to the same category.

During this stage the following finalists are selected by category, according to the highest number of votes:

– MUSIC: 15 applicants,

– DANCE: 15 applicants,

– ART: 15 applicants, 

– CREATIVE WRITING: 10 applicants,

– BLOG/JOURNALISM: 10 applicants,

– PHOTOGRAPHY: 10 applicants,

– VIDEO: 10 applicants.

N.B. Moreover, by event of equal votes expressed via Facebook between more applicants for the same category or sub-category, the association selects potentially a higher number of applicants to access to the second stage. In this case, at the end of the first stage the association communicates the number of applicants on its social pages and website.


6.1 The 18 selected talents shall carry out their activity with reference to their category in time and places according to the association terms and indications provided by their coach.

Setting time and places indicated by the association for carrying out activities and/or travel organisation shall not be disapproved, brought into question or refused by the participants. Therefore, the participants undertake, from the application stage, to accept this regulation as well as the modalities that will be given from the time to time by the reference coach until the final completion of the event.

6.2 In case of refusal, a waiver not duly motivated by certified health problems or other impediment of force majeure or non-fulfilment of the commitment undertaken by the participants, they are obliged to pay a sum equal to 500 Euro as reimbursement for costs incurred by the association.

6.3 Each applicant may participate in the selection with a single subscription for the favourite category.

6.4 Content uploaded shall not show any advertising messages.

Content, under penalty of exclusion of the applicant and without prejudice to the reimbursement obligations foreseen in the previous Art. 6.2, shall be original.

No photographic, audiovisual, musical or textual material may be used, which is not produced by the author participating in the event.

Participants ensure that all information and contents submitted are original and the result of independent creativity, not interfering with previous rights of any kind by third parties (by way of example but not limited to: trademarks, designs and models of intellectual property), and to enjoy all the rights of use for all the activities and communication events as well as to cede them to the association, without request for payment of any compensation. The organizer may not be held responsible in any event in case of dispute.

6.5 The names of the applicants selected for participating in the event are shown on official social pages of the event and on the website

6.6 To finalise the participation in the event the 18 talents shall become members of the nonprofit Association “DREAMTIME”, by payment of a membership fee of 55 Euro.

6.7 The association is in charge of:

– organising the transfer from the airport to the location (Bari airport for arriving and Bari or Brindisi airport for flight back, to be agreed);

– providing the accommodation in triple and quadruple rooms for the entire event and half board (breakfast + lunch or dinner depending on the planned program);

– setting up the areas for carrying out the activities with the right instruments needed*;

– organising excursions and transfers;

– providing a coach for each artistic category;

– organising cooking classes.

Regarding the instruments useful to carrying out the activities, the association will provide only the following:

– musical instruments, exception for wind instruments for obvious hygiene reasons;

– drawing, painting material etc.;

– projector.

Therefore, the participants are kindly asked to bring their own tools (laptop, video camera, photo camera, etc).

The travel program and other information will be published later on the official social pages of the event, “Facebook”, “Instagram” and on the website

The travel costs to and from the event locations and any other costs not explicitly mentioned in this regulation (i.e. Related to visa and/or insurance policy, out-of-pocket expenses, etc.) are entirely borne by the participants. 

6.8 During the travel the participants are asked for telling the artistic and travel experience, using innovative language and contents to be published live on web for the entire duration of the event.

6.9 At the end of “Apulia SummerTime 2019” 10-day event, there is exhibitions, during which the participants perform and show their creations, thus enjoying visibility and contact with the public.

6.10 WARNING! The application and participation to the selection involve the incoditional acceptance of this regulation and all its points. The organiser may modify or integrate this regulation, available on at the following link

Art. 7. TIMING

The project consists of three phases:

  • From 11:00 a.m. of 22ndt June to 11:59 p.m. of 20th July the application is available. The notice with the finalists’ names occurs on 21st July. 
  • From 21st July to 23 July the panel evaluates the profiles selected and on the last day the 18 winners are shown.

  •  From 16 August to 26 August the winners participate to the travel, for a duration of 10 days.


Information on the processing of data (Italian legislative Decree 196/2003) and The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”) is given to the User of the Project “Apulia SummerTime 2019”.

The association DREAMTIME, entitled for the processing, use personal data of the participants for the management of “Apulia SummerTime 2019” project.

The participants may specially authorise the processing of their personal data for the following additional purposes:

  • Sending of advertising material referring to musical, cultural, sport, tourist events and other forms, via e-mail.
  • The provision of data for the purpose under point 1 is optional and their failure issuing does not affect the participation or the voting related to the project.
  • As part of the initiative, participants’ data may be communicated where necessary to other subjects, private or public.

Data (name, last name, photo, e-mail, description, social network profiles, etc.) will be published on Facebook page “Dreamtime” and on website for managing the project or application and the subsequent vote and evaluation.

Data (both applicants and voters) will be disseminated.

In addiction, the data relating to the finalists and winners will be disseminated even by the owner, on social network pages or websites.

The Participants will be able to know what their data is at the Owners and exsercise, where the conditions are met, the different right to its use (correction, update, cancellation) ex art. 15 – 21 The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”), as well as oppose all or part of its use by contacting the Legal Representative, ex Art. 7 of the Italian Legislative Decree 196/03 – Privacy Code, for the Association “DREAMTIME”:

  • Elio Passiatore: